The main point of having a privacy fence is that you have an area to go and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But if you install this fence you stand to gain much more than peace and quiet. Do it the right way, and you're fenced in an area can also enhance security and enhance the appearance of your yard.

Reasons for installing privacy fence
In the past, fences were used to mark off property lines. Another purpose was to keep out unwanted visitors as well as ensuring an area was safe for children to play. Today this is still one of the most important reasons for installing a fence.

Provides safety
Without a fence we worry about our children running out onto the road, getting chased by a stray animal, or even being observed by a stranger. Just about any fence will work to some extent. But this fence reduces our worries even more because it allows our children to play in a safer more secure environment.

You'll find that your pet is safer if only you have a privacy fence than with a regular fence. A larger animal won't be able to jump the fence because it is that much higher than a regular fence. And your pet won't find it easy to dig his way out if you sink the bottom of your fence into the ground.

Reduces disturbance
The best thing about this fence is the privacy. With a privacy fence, you can sit outside and unwind without being disturbed. In fact, your neighbors probably won't even know that you're outside.

Maybe you are just getting started on creating the backyard of your dreams, or already have an established yard complete with deck or patio, flower beds and other plantings. In either case when you install this fence, you are enhancing the appeal of your yard and increasing security at the same time.