Wooden fences are a beauty when done properly. However, while highly appreciated, they are limited in regard to the time they will take before they need replacement. It is approximated that they can last up to a decade. Repairs can be done routinely to ensure the fence is in top condition. There are signs that when witnessed signal the need for a new fence.

When Rotting is Evident

Wood is naturally susceptible to rot due to the passage of time. This might be despite your best efforts put at maintaining a stylish fence. Rotting signifies serious damage to the fence. It leaves the fence weak and not attractive. When wood rot spreads through the whole fence, the only option is to organize for a replacement.

Change Current Look

Fence replacement might not necessarily be because there is something wrong with it. Your taste might have changed in regard to the aesthetics of your home. It could a decision to upgrade to a better-looking fence.

Broken and Missing boards

This will automatically affect how you fence looks like. it will present a safety risk to children and small pets. When this occurs, the safety to your premise is also compromised as the fence will be having glaring gaps.

Discoloring of the Wood

Wood will become dull over time. It will lose its shiny bright look. Paint work will begin to wear off as time passes on. Exposure to environmental factors will accelerate discoloration. While an attempt at painting could be done, the fence will not be shiny as before. A new fence will then remain the only option to return you home to its previous smart state.

High Cost of Repairs

The first instinct where your fence has a problem is to attempt repairs. While this is a good step, it might fail to be realistic if the repairs are becoming too common and expensive. It will only be natural to replace the fence to avoid further recurrent costs.


Home owners need to maintain their fences frequently. However, replacement at times might be the best decision to ensure your house is safe and aesthetically blends well with your house.