You want to protect your pets. Or perhaps you want to protect your pets as well as protecting others from them, for example: with watchdogs or larger dogs - especially those genetically predisposed to be more violent. But you have thought about building a high fence around your property and you are just not sure that that is what you want. If you do not want to create the looming look of seclusion (or exclusion) a tall fence may bring to your home - try another option. Some large dogs can jump even the tallest of fences. Therefore, an invisible fence is a warmer, more inviting and more assuring way to keep the animals you love in the yard and out of the way of danger or potential mischief.

Basically, the way an, invisible fence works is through the conduction of high voltage impulses, which require two separate output terminals. For containing animals especially, one output terminal will be the underground wiring - and the other will be the collar that delivers a shock to the animal if and when he or she approaches the property - line. The approach is not cruel, the animal will likely only have to experience the shock once or twice before he or she figures out exactly where he or she can and cannot wander.

It is recommended that as soon as you install your invisible fence you should test it out - animal testing, that is. Bring your animal slowly across the boundary line with his or her collar on. Yes, the animal will get zapped. Nonetheless, how else will he or she know it is there? There is a beeping signal that becomes audible as a dog or other animal comes too close to the fence they cannot see. This is a warning. The warning signal will get louder and, upon the boundary line, directly over the electrical fence wires, the animal will receive a jolt. Most dogs will hear the sound and act very timid, backing away and seeming uncertain, at first. Nonetheless, they will soon grow accustom to the warning signal, know how to avoid the jolt, and be able to enjoy his or her backyard (your backyard) in peace and security.

A device that is called an energizer is what generates the voltage. The impulse that shocks the animal is brief and is repeated every one or two seconds. The animal must be wearing the collar that is the second of the two output terminals designed to make this work. The other output terminal is underground - and, of course, must be active to complete the equation that puts the fence to its intended use.

Safe for your dog and family, the invisible fence allows you to keep your dog in your yard without changing your landscape. It does not give your dog the harmful shocks that many electric fences can give.